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Hello Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Patriots & Truth Seekers Worldwide! 

My name is Steve Motley and I want to welcome you to my site Here's Your Red Pill! This site provides a growing list of YouTube Channels created by my fellow Patriots, Truth Seekers and Good Hearted People from all over the World who just like you and I desire Peace, Harmony, Love & Justice for all Mankind! 

If you have personally taken the Red Pill and ventured down the Rabbit Hole, I'm sure you've discovered by now just how challenging and daunting the task of Discovering Truth can be! 

Please take time to check out each Channel below and subscribe to the ones you like, resonate with or feel a special kinship to! Just know in your heart, mind and soul that "You Are Not Alone"! These extremely dedicated and passionate YouTubers are all about helping you understand what's really going on in our crazy and exciting world today! This is by no means a comprehensive list and I'm sure it will grow as I discover new channels that can benefit you in your search for Knowledge and Truth.

These sites are in no particular order of's just how I listed them on the page! Please share this site with everyone you know, love and care about who also considers themselves a "Truth Seeker"! 


Major Steve Motley USMC Retired

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The Marines - 

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President Trump News - 

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Trump News, Truth with Natasha - 

Michael Trimm -

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Scott Anthony -

Black Conservative Patriot-

Richie From Boston -

William Mount - 

Operation Freedom (Dr. David Janda) -

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You Are Free TV -

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The Positive Side of 2012 - 

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Screen Hoopla -

Dave Hodges Common Sense -  

Bruce Figert -


Derrick Grayson -

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