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Like Amazon, Trunited offers shoppers quality products at everyday low prices. The difference is that each month, in Trunited, 100% of all profits are paid back to the members by means of a profit pool. This provides you, the consumer a commission at the end of each month. Why not get paid for the items you're already buying? This is a Total "Win Win" Situation were you get paid not only on your own efforts, but the efforts of all your felow Affiliates in the entire Trunited Nation! There wil be many Millonaires created in this company, the question is will you be one of them? 

 Trunited, The First & Only Socialized Commerce Business Ever Lauched! 

A Simple Platform Where Brands and Consumers Meet in a Way That Enables Consumers to Purchase Goods and Be Paid. Trunited Affiliates and their Networks Get to Participate in the Exciting Monthly Corporate Profit Pool called PayPlan 360 where Affiliates are Paid in a 360 Degree Manner......Up.....Down.....Left and Right! 

What Is Trunited?

Trunited is the one and only plug and play option for a brand, product or company to have an instintaneous direct sales distribution chanel of millions of individuals that are motivated to be brand loyalst by way of an Affiliate commerce relationship that a product, brand, or company creates with Trunited, powered by Socialized Commerce and Trunited's Commerce Engine...The Pay Plan 360!  

Who is Trunitd?

Trunited is a Network of Powerful Consumers who use their influence and social currency to create a connected Following or Network. This Group of Highly Motivated People will provide instant commerce for a brand and loyality to that brand, because they are members of Trunited and are Paid by Trunite's Very Lucrative Pay Plan 360!

Why Join Trunited Today for Free? 

Trunited Members have the benefit of consuming and representing thousands of brands instead of a single company, while reaping the benefts of a synergistic relationhip with other members in the Trunited Network! Unike many business opportunites that decline with an increase in membership, thanks to Trunited's Pay Plan 360 and The Law of Prosyn Dynmics, the opporunity for success improves greatly with the addtion of each new member who joins the Trunitd Team! This is true Win-Win Situation so what are you waiting for? Just Do It!

Why is Trunited So Great and What Makes Us So Different?

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Brand Power and a Culture of Giving! 

The Owners of Trunited Took Affliate Postions Just Like The Rest of Us! (No Corporate Pay Out! All Corporate Profits are Paid Back to Qualified Members in the form of a monthly Profit Pool.)

ā€œDivided We Fall.....Trunited We Stand"

About Me

Hi my name is Steve Motley and I'm from Boise, Idaho. Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Retired Marine (22 Years), Writer, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Animal Lover, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter and People Person! 

Since my retirement from the military a few years ago, I've been a very successful Networker and Online Marketer! Trunited is without a doubt the most amazing savings and money making program I've ever seen! 

For those of you who understand what is being offered here, who join our team, and who follow our "Paint By Numbers" System will be positoning yourself to make more money and help more people than you can even imagine at this time! 

The only way you can fail in Trunited is to not get started! I plan to make a lot of money with this one of a kind, never before seen program and I'd love for you to join me and come along on the journey! Once you join my team, I will do everything within my power to assist you in achieving all of your financial goals!

I wish you the very best in your decision making process about joining Trunited and look forward to working with you once you join "The Motley Crew." 

ā€” Steve Motley